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Third Option’s had years of praise:

Third Option“Wicked, totally compelling!”
• Annie Nightingale, BBC Radio I

“Third Option is in its own class of awesome!”
• Raina, a fan since 2001

“I like it somewhat”
• Some Girl, At a Salon

Since 1999, when producer/emcee Aaron J. Trumm unwittingly re-invented the trance wheel by morphing an hour’s worth of other wordly, melodic and sample driven techno wrapped around improvised classical style piano, Third Option has been pushing the boundaries of fusion.

The 2001 maxi single “Still” was so eery and compelling that BBC Radio I’s Annie Nightingale invited a then fledgling Third Option to spin a mix set of original music for Radio I’s famous techno show!

From the beginning, Third Option has been collaborative, bringing in poets such as Tamara Nicholl and Andre de Korvin, as well as singers, players and underground industrial mainstay Daveoramma of Society Burning. Third Option is piano driven techno, beats, melodies and oftentimes spoken word weaving in and out of each other, creating unexpected journeys. Driving beats meet rounded edges, distorted electronica meets lush organic live playing, and hard hitting spoken word dots the musical landscape with avant-garde intellectualism. But in a fun way you can dance to!

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